Cold winter winds a blowing round our Cafe Door…..

It’s been a long while since I last said hello…..been a bit of a trying year….but we are ever hopeful that the lease will be renewed and life can get back to a bit more normal for a few more years….I vowed that if we are given an extension I would endeavor to provide more Whole food, salads and always a soup….also do more evening Dinners……

The month of December we are closed and doing the Holiday Celebration booked dinners for companies, friends, and families. Special orders for Berries in Paradise….Almond Rocca….Scones and Pastries…to give or just order for your office or family..The Public Market that happened last weekend was a great success and helped launch the December ideas..Please give me a call and would love to help place your orders….we can put them in holiday boxes or tins or in a festive bag….

Towards the end of December my daughter, Lahna and her wonderful singer partner Rev are going to be here to perform for the BIG NEW YEARS ON THE WHARF……The Hangar have graciously got them tickets from Memphis to be the Music at the party on New Years….that is very exciting… while they are here….for all of you who can’t make the Big Midnight Party I am planning a quieter affair with a dinner and intimate evening with Deering and Down on Saturday the 29th….give me a call if you would like to come….I will be sending invitations but you can always call and help me out that way…..

Headed to Gustavus for Christmas with my son Morgan and the wonderful Nigro Family….Peace on Earth in that Beautiful community surrounded by glaciers, mountains and good good people….not to mention they love food and know how to prepare that Christmas King Salmon…..Love to all and to all a most wonderful season….xxxooo

MARCH 10th 2012 at

Hard winter set in way before I was ready for it. Made one trip over in November with Alaska SeaPlanes. It was a wonderful trip in a little sturdy float plane, think she was a Beaver…I’ll include a picture. Only three days , too short, but gave me the opportunity to appreciate Funter in the grips of snow and very cold weather. The wood stove didn’t take too long to heat the house. Only ran the lights on the 12 volt solar power, but did turn on the propane to pan sear a beautiful piece of salmon I brought over. No running water , everything frozen, including the hot water tank….lots to learn. Although now I know an on demand hot water heater is the way to go…

There was about 20 inches of snow on porches and roofs, during the ┬ánight the roof snow let go and I thought a tree fell or an avalanche…there was over four feet of snow piled on the deck in front of the bedroom and living room windows….lots of snow fell during that day and I read and read and slept and slept, built fires, and watched the birds and martens come to the feeder….beautifully restful…

It is now March and spring forward day tonight and we are still having very winter weather with snow down to sea level…but in like a lion and out like a lamb, they say…..looking forward to taking in the Admiralty Island Day over at Centennial Hall this after noon and pot luck tonight….

Until the next adventure, working at Paradise and enjoying each day….be well and think warm thoughts…..

January 2012 – We Are Open!

We have 365 more days until our lease expires. So we want to make the best of every day possible. I’m working on a calendar of events which I will get posted soon. But until then I hope you all had an amazing break and New Year’s celebration. We’re looking forward to seeing you all down here at Paradise!

Our hours are 9-5 Tuesday through Saturday. Friday nights dinner reservations and Sunday and Monday cooking classes are also available!

I’m including a couple of amazing pictures that our dear friend Jessie took while she was eating here.


Paradise Found

Yet another sentinel of spring,
first the yellow lantern of skunk cabbage
and the off-key trill of the varied thrush,
but before the first cruise ship snugs
against the Marine Park dock
Joanie returns from the Caribbean
and Paradise opens like a jonquil.
Five languages say “Open” on sandwich board,
outside Cafe and Bakery, off-street bubble of
warmth and conversation decorated with art, cowboy
boots, violins, banjos, a bicycle built for two,
and a bevy of hanging lamp shades, all enveloped
in aromas of fresh scones, strong coffee,
and the hum of friendship against a backdrop
of music from a Deering and Down album.
Everyone coming in the door greeted by first name.
Regulars ignore posted menu, peer in glass case,
know what they see is
not only what they get,
but what they crave…

The Poet is Richard Stokes from Juneau, Alaska, a wonderful wonderful man, kind, friendly, helpful, wise and generous with his words and deeds. I feel very lucky to see him often in Paradise during the summer when he is one of the fabulous “Gastineau Guides”, changer of coffee pots and Jumping Salmon cookie eater, carries his own coffee cup and runs a tab at Paradise…Pretty much one of the Paradise Crew.

This little poem is from his second published book of poetry called Juneau Seasons.
We look forward to have Richard on December’s First Friday Gallery Walk, reading his works of the past, the present and maybe even future. Please join us from 5 till 7 Friday December 2nd and make one of his books a gift for someone special or just to add to your library…Thank you so much Richard.